Monoi ( pronounced (Mah-noy) de Tahiti is the most beautiful oil on this earth made from French Polynesia Tahitian gardenias, so called 'Tiare'.  These lovely blossoms are gently infused in virgin coconut oil for a few weeks until the oil has taken on the lovely aroma of the gardenia petals.  No where  else in this world will you find this precious naturally scented aromatic oil. 

The finished oil itself is yet another wonder... it  acts as a  natural barrier against dehydration that may cause dryness, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, and protects the skin against sun damage.  It is by far the finest oil you could use on your skin to nourish, moisturize and  rehydrate it.

We now offer to you our lovely Monoi skin care line.. with an 'Appellation of Origin' guarantee ( authenticating the very strict manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality oil.)



 Monoi de Tahiti Complexion Bar - Our natural luxurious bar is a blend of Monoi de Tahiti, goat milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, carrotseed, rosehips, lavender, thyme, rose petals & Atlantic sea kelp. Treat your skin to a truly marvelous bar!

$ 6.50/5 oz bar    



 Monoi de Tahiti Hand & Body Elixir - Maximal skin hydration - Our Monoi Body Elixir is very light & yet silken cream comes to mind.. non greasy emollient moisturizer that rapidly penetrates the skin..  a little goes a long way! A few drops  will quickly re-hydrate and deeply moisturize even the dryest skin. Monoi deTahiti, kukui, apricot kernal, jojoba oils, honeyquat, xanthum gum, ewax, Vit E

$ 12.50/8 oz bottle    



  Monoi de Tahiti Creme - Nectar to the skin - Monoi de Tahiti, peach kernal, oil, aloe vera gel, honeyquat, ewax, Vit E

 $ 16.00/4 oz jar      




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