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                               Specialty Soaps

Smellies Be Gone™ Kitchen Soap


 Our Kitchen Soap is great to have on 'hand' to help eliminate odors from the smellies of chopping garlic, onions, & fish!  This anise, ginger root, coffee bar will simply wash away all the telltale odors.  KEEP a bar next to your sink!

                   $ 4.50/bar       4.5 ounce


                    Old Thyme Shaving Soap

                            Bay Rum

    Our old fashioned Shaving Soap is a great bar!  We formulated this bar, adding an assortment of four clays to give it just the right amount of 'slip' all men look for in a nice clean shave.  You'll feel as though you just stepped out of the corner barbershop!

                   4 ounce round soap disc attractively packaged & priced

** We'll be offering our hand thrown pottery shaving mugs very soon!

                     $ 4.50/ each round


Herbal Shampoo Bars~ Our newest edition!  Indulge your hair in our pure natural herbal shampoo bars with built in conditioner.  This 4.5 ounce luxurious bar is so handy for traveling... no need to carry along extra bottles & conditioners.  Pack light..  treat your hair to our quality shampoo bar, while conditioning all in one great bar!  The castor and coconut oils make amazing lather..  the jojoba, hemp seed, shea & mango provide for rich conditioning.  Made with heat expressed herbal oils of olive, sunflower, almond, castor, coconut, jojoba, shea & mango butter, spring water, and pure plant based essential oils.

                 $ 4.50/ Boxed        Photo coming soon!



     Hook, Line & Stinkless Fisherman's Soap ~ Our Fisherman's Soap is also great to have on 'hand' to help reel in those really big ones!  FOOL the fish with this attracting scent....  Land Ole' Walter... hook, line & stinkless!  I'm told by a local sea Captain' in Maine that fish are naturally attracted to anise & this 'old salt' catches twice as many fish using this bar of soap...  Just another fish story??  Give this bar a try.  Wash your hands in salt water, just prior to baiting your hook... What have you got to lose but some bait.. :-)

   This bar is great for the fisherman in your life.  Imagine the 'fish stories' they'll bring home!   Guaranteed...   or your bait happily returned.

                  $ 4.50/bar          4.5 + ounce


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